Videos of Art in Burkina Faso

Drum and flute music from a performance by three  Komo masks in western Burkina, Feb. 1999.

Bobo masks in Bobo-Dioulasso, probably at the Semaine nationale de la culture

Yele Danga by Guy Le Moal

Carving a Molo Mask by Guy le Moal

Masks of Leaves by Guy Le Moal

Bwa masks in Dossi

Video of Lobi artist

Three Mossi Carvers, 1976-77

Smelting Iron

Masks of Burkina Faso

Shaping Leaf Masks in the Village of Dossi

Life in An African Village

African Pottery

Winiama Masks in the Village of Ouri

Bwa Masks in Two Villages in Central Burkina Faso