Videos of Art and Life in Mali

“Les statues meurent aussi” 1953

Secret society of the Kôrêdugaw, the rite of wisdom in Mali

“Behind the Mask” David Attenborough

Bamana village performance of the Koredugu (chief of the Kore)

Bamana people dance of Chiwara kun

Sigui synthese by Jean Rouch

Bamana marionettes Mali Ministry of Cultural Affairs

Dogon funeral (dama) dance

Bamana masks in the village of Kirango, Mali

Folklore Bamana, puppet Masquerade

Bamana mask by Jerry Vogel and Christraud Geary

Dogon mask dance

Dogon Mask Dance Djiguibombo Village by Polly Richards

Le pays dogon: Un monde en peril, pt. 1

Le pays dogon: Un monde en peril,  pt. 2

Dogon COuntry by Dana Sardet

Dogon Mask Stories by Polly Richards

Dogon Art and Life

Dogon Country, by Hulb Blom

Dogon Country: Sanaguroy at Ogol by Hulb Blom

Carving a Dogon mask